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Fastmart Online Stores and Shopping Centres
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Introducing our Fastmart Engine to power online stores,
right up to major shopping centres and more.

Website slow? Losing business? You need our Fastmart Engine.

We can build from scratch - Use your own graphic designer - Or we can power your existing website with our Fastmart Engine.

Attention Graphic Designers! Join our Partnership Program!

Each Fastmart Engine comes with an all-in-one business management package and a
Quality & Service Guarantee.

It's time! Get your store online! Don't be left behind!

>> Check out the speed advantage of our example store here. <<

We can help you develop and set up highly specialised 3-D animated videos, giving future online shoppers a virtual shopping experience.

Your Fastmart Engine. Why do we keep referring to our exclusive website software as a Fastmart Engine? Because we've spend 6 years engineering and developing our software to the point where it separates many user and administrative functions into clearly delineated building-block modules, allowing us to quickly and efficiently add or remove functionality according to your specific needs - Your Fastmart Engine!

Thus here are some of the amazing benefits of a Fastmart Engine:

1. Instead of having a massive code-heavy website loading up all at once, only specific code-light engine modules are loaded as required - ensuring a very efficient and fast operating website.

2. Your Fastmart Engine consequently eliminates delays and subsequent user frustrations, allowing you to attract many more potential customers - possibly the most important online business requirement!

3. Using flexible building-block modules also allows us to power your existing website with our Fastmart Engine, and completion-times to be achieved in a matter of weeks rather than months or even years.

4. Fastmart Engine websites come primed and ready for ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as coordinated with the relevant client and/or their graphic designer.

5. Our modulated engine design makes it quick and easy to track down and resolve any security issues that may arise. As part of our Quality & Service Guarantee we therefore regularly update our clients' Fastmart Engines to cope with new cyber attack methods and vectors as soon as they appear.

6. Each Fastmart Engine comes with an all-in-one business management package that allows you to monitor and manage: Vendors; User Accounts; Products; Payments; Vouchers; Statistics and more.

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Following are the continued benefits and reasons of why Fastmart Engine designed systems and software are at the very echelon of modern development:

Usability. We understand that you don't have time or money to waste on managing complex and difficult user interfaces and training staff to handle these. So our Fastmart Engine software is designed from the ground up to make it easy and intuitive for both users and administrators to manage and use.

Scalability. Our Fastmart Engine designed systems can grow with your business, regardless of whether you're a sole trader selling a single product or service, all the way up to a major online shopping centre selling thousands of product lines through hundreds of vendors.

Security. Our custom designed Fastmart Engine is built from the ground up, is held on a secure server and is specifically designed to resist common attack vectors such as SQL injection, XSS attacks, Javascript injection and other methods used by cyber-criminals.

Customisability & flexibility. Our modular Fastmart Engine design makes it easy to tailor both the appearance and functions of your website to suit your needs, where you can provide your own graphics designer (or use ours) to allow for specific graphic and presentation layouts to give your online site a look and feel that is unique to your business. We can also build-in our Fastmart Engine to your existing website and turn it into a full online store or even shopping centre, depending on your requirements.

Functionality. Our modular Fastmart Engine designs enables quick and easy addition of specialised functions as your business requires them. From product line management to automatic shipping cost calculation, our engine software is already capable of a vast range of functions necessary to the smooth efficient running of your business. Included with every Fastmart Engine is a full all-in-one business management package - call us for an obligation free demonstration - 08 8340 8834