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Fastmart Partnership Program

Are you a graphics/web designer? Join today!

As you can see from the drop-down information on our home page, Fastmart is a high quality, uniquely fast and adaptable website software system that can be quickly assembled for any company or business wanting to sell products or services online. It can even be hooked up to any existing website by simply replacing behind-the-scene obsolete software systems.

Our Fastmart Partnership Program has been born out of an interesting though problematic conundrum. You see, there are some brilliant graphically designed websites on the internet that are unfortunately coupled to badly set up and/or slow operating software systems. On the other hand we also have custom-built software systems online (generally expensive) that operates quite well though happen to be poorly designed graphically. Hence our Fastmart Partnership Program, by uniting the best of both worlds.

Interpreting The Fastmart Partnership Program

Once you, the Applicant, become a joined-up Member of our Fastmart Partnership Program, you can then negotiate with your prospective client/s and design a website for them that will allow us in turn to hook up our Fastmart system(s), a system as described on the home page of the Fastmart website. You can then buy our Fastmart system at wholesale and sell at a recommended retail price, and, of course, adding your particular price for graphically designing the website. Please keep in mind that your prospective client/s will have additional fees to pay (including an SSL Security Certificate - usually between three to six hundred dollars) as listed further on under 'Monthly Hosting Fees'. Any additional changes, modifications or updates requested during development of the website Project shall be charged extra for at a wholesale hourly rate.

All you need to do is to send us any relevant information that allows us to view some of your work, via website or other means, and show us that you are a Graphic Designer. You will need to further agree to our Fastmart Development Policies, and, our Terms & Conditions. You will then become a Member of our Fastmart Partnership Program, and we in turn will send you all of the needed documentation, such as Agreements, Prices and Specs, etc., to carry on business. Hope to see you on board. Please join here...

Once joined we will also send you our Fastmart User Manual, with username and password, allowing you to practice and review on our example Fastmart online store that includes the Fastmart business package.

Completion Time

After receiving the client- approved Graphic Design for a proposed website, and allowing for an eMatters account and SSL Security Certificate set-up, the Fastmart system will be completed and set up online by us by approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Monthly Hosting Fees

Standard website hosting fees start from $35.00 which includes a total of 30 minutes or equivalent technical support services for each month (free for the first 12 months) - extra considerations need to be made for the hosting fees of each individual retailer (e.g., $10 to $15 per month – depending on requirements) - applies mainly to full online shopping centres. Excess is charged at $66.00 per hour (includes GST) of service provided thereafter. Please note that if and when a nominated monthly bandwidth limit is exceeded then Overages are charged for at the rate of 12c/MB. Additional costs for each online store will include an SSL Security Certificate and monthly eMatters account fees.

Fastmart Version 1.0 Upgrades

Free incremental upgrades for all Fastmart products will be provided for the first two years as part of our package deals. We will notify you and your client in advance of upgrade times to minimise inconvenience.

Legal Documentation

Legal documentation in the form of Service Agreements and Terms and Conditions will be provided by us, Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd, for any and all of our Fastmart Partnership Members. However, the onus will be on the Fastmart Partnership Program Member and/or his or her particular client to ensure the applicability and legality of our copyrighted legal documentation.

Our Fastmart Development Policies

All website developments, as part of our Fastmart Partnership Program, will be hosted on our Hosting Provider, Quadra Hosting, or similar such company. Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd through its Fastmart Division will set up an eMatters merchant account (or similar such company) which will deposit future funds directly into the nominated client's bank account. Ownership of this eMatters merchant account will be transferred to the relevant owner of the website once the project is completed. Any and all client-approved graphic design work with relevant text information and pictures will need to be provided before starting any Fastmart website project.

Unless otherwise negotiated, a goodwill deposit of 25% will be required at the acceptance of any Fastmart website project. 50% is to be paid when the website is nearing completion. The last 25% is to be paid when the website is fully completed and set up online.

Terms & Conditions


This refers to the relationship between Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd through its Fastmart Division and any individual Member(s) of our Fastmart Partnership Program where each Party is independent of, and distant from the other Party, and has no involvement with the other Party outside the dealings associated with this Fastmart Partnership Program or through any other association between the Parties.


Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd through its Fastmart Division will provide a website service as stipulated under 'Interpreting the Fastmart Partnership Program' and, as such, will do everything in its power to provide the best possible service provision to any individual Member(s) of our Fastmart Partnership Program. However, the said Member(s), as the main person/body responsible for any website project, hereby agree(s) that Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for, any loss or damage with said website projects, loss of time, loss of productivity, the unethical activities of others, or any ensuing lawsuits that may result at any time during Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd ongoing business activities. If Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd is notified of any problems with its website service provision, it will do its utmost to remedy the situation. However, Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd does not provide a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied – other then providing website upgrade services as stipulated earlier. The said Member(s) further agree(s) to indemnify Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd against any damage, loss, injury, and including the occurrence of any expenses and reasonable legal costs as a consequence of the said Member(s) activities.


Starburst Publishing Pty Ltd will provide the Service for the Applicant, wishing to become a Member of the Fastmart Partnership Program'. Its provision to the Applicant will need to be authorised by the Applicant. As such, by clicking the “I AGREE” button at the end of the application form the Applicant represents and warrants that he or she is the person as set out in the application form and is 18 years of age or older and that they have provided complete, accurate and current information, which includes a physical address and an email address, as directed by the Fastmart Partnership Program' application form. The Applicant also represents and warrants that he or she has the power and authority to enter into the terms and conditions of this agreement and will agree to be bound by the relevant laws, rules and regulations as in force in the state of South Australia from time to time.

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